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In addition to card products and SVC Programs, Datazoid offers a number of related support services:

Business Development & Marketing
Project Management
SVC Program/Card Fulfillment
SVC Program/Card & Customer Servicing
Software Development & Systems Integration

Business Development & Marketing — Datazoid can assist our clients in developing card programs that not only save them time and money, but in certain instances, can even be used to increase the sales of their products and/or services. We prepare various types of collateral marketing materials, including brochures that explain our various card products and SVC Programs, cardholder enrollment kits, training materials, targeted marketing messages.

Project Management — Datazoid can help you develop an SVC Program from the various card products and services that we offer that best meets your needs. We can then manage or assist you in managing that program. Datazoid offers turnkey SVC Program setup and management.

Card Fulfillment — Datazoid provides Web-based software tools and forms to help you enroll cardholders and card delivery. We can assist you in designing your own named card or co-branding the Datazoid Digital Money Card and in the printing and management of our card inventory.

Card & Customer Servicing — Datazoid sets the cardholder fees for you, performs all of the transaction processing related to a given SVC Card Program/card product and fee collection, and all of the associated customer service.

Software Development & Systems Integration — What helps set us apart from our competitors is that we can also develop custom software to support your SVC Program/card products and provide the systems integration skills required to make those efforts a success. We can help you modify your Web site to provide a seamless link to our online enrollment and cardholder servicing tools. And if necessary, we can help you develop your own Web site to market/sell your card products.

Want to Learn More About Our SVC Programs?

For more information about our SVC Programs and Reseller Opportunities, you can contact David Schnepp via our Contact Form, or call him at 310-345-7412.


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